Privacy Policy

We value privacy. We ask that you join us in protecting your information. If you see ways that we can improve how your information is protected, please contact us. Please be extremely careful about the personal information you share with us, or any service/site on the Internet.

Implied Agreement

Use of Bible Outpost acknowledges your agreement to this Privacy Policy.


We consider the security of our user's personal information to be our most important responsibility and we continually look for ways to improve the security posture of our systems. However, information that is transmitted or stored on the Internet is NEVER100% secure. As a result, when posting personal information information on our website, or any website on the Internet, please think twice. In the event that we detect a security breach we will notify the affected parties as soon as possible.

Distribution of Personal Information

We do not distribute personal information that was sent to us in private, or entered in private sections of our website, to ANY 3rd parties (name, email address, etc...). If this ever changes, we will notify you and ask for your consent before proceeding.

We will release any information that is required by law or needed for the legal defense of Bible Outpost.


We collect anonymous statistics on the use of our systems. We currently use Google Analytics which does not capture personal information. If you would like to block Google Analytics, search for "Google Analytics Opt Out" in your favorite search engine and install the extension/plugin. You will need to install a separate extension/plugin in every browser that you use. Once this is done, you will stop Google Analytics from collecting your data on every website that uses it.


Web Servers typically log information each time a browser communicates with a server. These requests usually do not contain personal information, but they do include your IP address and details about the files you want to access. It also includes information about the tool you used to make the request (probably a web browser) and some limited information about the computer that is used to make the request. Our Web Servers collect this information and we use it to analyze the performance of our website, find errors and to determine trends about how are website is used.


We may use 3rd party advertising companies to show ads. These companies typically use information (generally, not your name, address, e-mail address or telephone number) about your visits to Bible Outpost and to other web sites in order to provide targeted advertisements. These companies may employ cookies and clear GIFs to measure advertising effectiveness. Any information that these third parties collect via cookies and clear GIFs is usually not personally identifiable (unless, for example, you provide personally identifiable information to them through an ad or e-mail message).

Privacy Policy Changes

This policy can change at any time without warning, notification or consent (unless we explicitly state otherwise in an above section).


If you have concerns or suggestions about our privacy policy please contact us.