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A Response to "There's Faith, and Then There's Delusion"

Admin - March 19th, 2012      0

theAtheist published an article, arguing that discrepancies between the Gospels mean the Bible is wrong. We don't agree with that and published a rebuttal.

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A Response to "If there is a natural explanation then there is no reason to invent a god"

Admin - March 14th, 2012      0

Atheist Michael Nugent explains how morality can exist without the presence of God. His arguments are torn down in this rebuttal.

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Israeli scientist wins nobel prize in chemisty and proves science makes mistakes

Admin - October 20th, 2011      0

An Israeli Scientist has won the Nobel Prize for chemistry. Dan Shechtman was awarded the prize for his work on quasicrystals – a form of crystal where the atoms are ordered, but not repeating. The story proves that long held scientific beliefs can be overturned in an instant.

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First planet discovered orbiting binary star system

Admin - October 20th, 2011      0

Scientists have recently discovered the first planet orbiting a binary star after analyzing data collected from the Kepler Mission. It was previously thought only single stars would have planets due to the gravitational changes imposed by binary stars.

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Three scriptural arguments why the seven creation days are not 24 hours

Admin - October 20th, 2011      0

Dr. John Millam has written a series of articles over at reasons.org addressing whether or not the views ...

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More reasons the Milky Way galaxy is just right

Admin - October 5th, 2011      0

Dr. Hugh Ross has released another informative article examining some of the properties the Milky Way galaxy possesses which make it suitable for life.

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We atheists will change our minds if evidence shows we are wrong

Admin - October 3rd, 2011      0

If you need a good chuckle (or cry), check out an article written by atheist Michael Nugent, chairman of ...

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Function found for Junk DNA

Admin - September 27th, 2011      0

Scientists have discovered function in a gene previously thought to be nonfunctional. The gene called dihydrofolate reductase-like 1 (DHFRL1) has ...

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Milankovitch Cycle study supports Anthropic Principle

Admin - September 5th, 2011      0

A research study conducted by Dave Waltham, a British geophysicist, has lent considerable support to people who believe the Earth ...

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2000 year old caves support historical accounts of Jewish revolts

Admin - September 5th, 2011      0

Daily Mail has an interesting article (complete with several high-res pictures) about a cave system used by Jews in ...

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Was God satisfied with his works? (Evil Bible.com Contradiction #1 Explained)

Admin - August 4th, 2011      0

The folks over at Evil Bible.com have cobbled together a long list of “supposed” contradictions that have been discovered ...

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Military Religious Freedom Foundation attacks Christianity and United States Air Force

Admin - August 4th, 2011      0

Fox News is reporting that a watchdog group called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has successfully pressured ...

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Gene sequence discovered to have function

Admin - July 27th, 2011      0

Proponents of evolution assume the order of genes along the DNA serves no functional purpose (how could there be a ...

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Distant quasar changes timeline for the introduction of water in the universe

Admin - July 26th, 2011      0

Researchers have discovered an extremely large amount of water circling a distant quasar. While it’s not particularly novel for Astronomers ...

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Convergent Buoyancy System Drowns Evolution

Admin - July 16th, 2011      0

In a recent article over at reasons.org, Dr. Fazale Rana considers how the same buoyancy control mechanism could have ...