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“Jumping-Jupiter” Saved Earth

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If recent research is correct, Astronomers have explained how the outer gas giant planets in our solar system were able to achieve their current orbits without harming the inner rocky planets. 

First planet discovered orbiting binary star system

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Scientists have recently discovered the first planet orbiting a binary star after analyzing data collected from the Kepler Mission.  It was previously thought only single stars would have planets due to the gravitational changes imposed by binary stars (extreme gravitational change would likely cause unstable orbits for any planets able to form).  The discovery is significant since most Sun-like stars are members of binary systems and it suggests we will be finding more Earth-like planets than previously thought.

Function found for Junk DNA

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Scientists have discovered function in a gene previously thought to be nonfunctional.  The gene called dihydrofolate reductase-like 1 (DHFRL1) has been known since the 1980’s and was classified as a pseudogene – a type of Junk DNA.  The discovery has delivered another blow to the Theory of Evolution.

Milankovitch Cycle study supports Anthropic Principle

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A research study conducted by Dave Waltham, a British geophysicist, has lent considerable support to people who believe the Earth is rare.  The researchers set out to provide a method for testing the anthropic principle – the idea that the Universe and Earth have been designed for humans.   The study showed that the probability of Earth possessing it’s Milankovitch cycle frequency is less than 0.00001.  

Gene sequence discovered to have function

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Proponents of evolution assume the order of genes along the DNA serves no functional purpose (how could there be a purpose if random chemical processes created the order arbitrarily?).  However, researchers at UC Berkley have shown a correlation between the amount of protein produced by a gene and the gene’s location in the sequence.

New caffeine eating bacteria supports Evolution…kinda

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The Scientific American has a recent story on a researcher, Ryan Summers, at the University of Iowa, who has discovered a new strain of bacteria called Pseudomonas Putida CBB5 that apparently has the ability to live off of caffeine.  This is the first time a bacteria with this capability has been identified which naturally leads to the question, have we just witnessed an example of evolution?