If you need a good chuckle (or cry), check out an article written by atheist Michael Nugent, chairman of Atheist Ireland, that was published on IrishTimes.com. The article is an attempt to clarify and mainstream the atheist belief system.

Atheism, at it’s heart, is (among other things) a close-minded belief system. Michael Nugent would have you believe that Atheists are a supremely reasonable bunch who would happily change their opinion if “credible” evidence for the existence of God would only be presented. As Mr Nugent says,

Why are atheists so certain that gods do not exist? Actually, most of us aren’t. We merely reject the assertion that one or more gods do exist, based on the best currently available evidence.

We would change our minds if we were given new and credible evidence that we are mistaken.

Every conversation I have ever had with an Atheist has never been about the honest examination of the facts. It’s about a clash of ideology. We have tremendous evidence for the existence of the Christian God; for example consider:

  1. The archaeological record strongly supports the history in the Bible and helps establish its truthfulness.
  2. Ancient manuscript evidence verifies the Bible has been accurately reproduced in a way no other major religion can claim.
  3. Work in Intelligent Design clearly shows evidence for design in all life forms – even down to the smallest building blocks.

If that’s not credible enough, how about some philosophic arguments:

  1. Most scientists believe the Big Bang is a scientific fact? How is it possible that the Universe and everything in can explode from NOTHING?
  2. Most scholars believe Jesus was a historical figure. If he wasn’t resurrected how do we account for the explosion of the Christian faith? How do we explain the empty tomb? Why was his body never found? How do we explain disciples who were willing to die for a false cause?

Yet none of this evidence is considered sufficient to an Atheist. They won’t even acknowledge Christians might have some valid factual reasons for the beliefs they hold. It doesn’t take an exhaustive search on the internet to realize they would rather denigrate and personally attack anyone who is not an Atheist. The inescapable conclusion to all of this is no amount of evidence (short of God’s presence) can satisfy Mr. Nugent and those who share his beliefs. They don’t want to believe. Any “credible” evidence presented to them is ignored, ridiculed or twisted.

The problem isn’t a lack of evidence; we all have access to the same evidence. The problem lies in the interpretation and desire. Christians desire to be with God and understand they do wrong. They yield, or at least know they should yield, to the guidance given to them in the Bible and at church. Atheists want to be free from God and believe they are perfect. In order to accomplish this, they must destroy religion – in particular Christianity.

Mr Nugent’s article is an attempt to portray Atheism as a reasonable and rational alternative to a belief in God. At the end of the article, he promises future articles will refute “the idea that one or more personal gods exist as a supernatural source of reality and morality.” If, as he said above, he’s not certain of God’s non-existence, why would he attempt to refute the existence of God? It seems like he’s made up his mind enough to try and convince us.

We are eagerly waiting for the best available evidence you have that God does not exist Mr Nugent.

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