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Response to “There’s Faith, and Then There’s Delusion”

Yellow Shield IconI recently stumbled on an article over at the theAtheist that needed to be addressed.  The article was written in 2010 in response to a Washington Post story, Discrepancies don’t shake Christians’ faith in the Bible, which covered a Christian college student who was (and hopefully still is) not bothered by charges that the Bible is full of errors.  The Washington Post article quotes Dr. Craig Evans (professor of New Testament at Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia) who rightly believes that the Bible can have discrepancies and still remain inerrant.  Read More »

A Response to “If there is a natural explanation then there is no reason to invent a god”

Yellow Shield IconAtheist Michael Nugent has written another article at the Irish Times titled “If there is a natural explanation then there is no reason to invent a god.”  The main idea he wants us to accept is that science has proven to be a reliable method for finding natural explanations to the questions man asks, and if, we have a natural explanation, then there is no need to introduce the concept of a God.  It’s probably not too much of a surprise that we found some logic errors in the justifications he used to backup his idea. Read More »

“Jumping-Jupiter” Saved Earth

Galaxy IconIf recent research is correct, Astronomers have explained how the outer gas giant planets in our solar system were able to achieve their current orbits without harming the inner rocky planets. The research offers a simple solution to a problem that has puzzled scientists for years – since the gas giants were formed closer to the sun, how did they move to their current orbits without destroying the rocky planets or ejecting them from the solar system? Read More »

Vladimir Putin supports formation of a Eurasian Union

Yellow Apologetics ShieldRussian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently told Izvestiya (a Russian newspaper) about his support for creating a new Eurasian Union. If Putin gets his way, this new union will lead to the formation of a new supranational union that will remove travel, customs and economic barriers Read More »

Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

Newspaper IconToday Bible Outpost is starting a prophecy series following the Decline of America. The Greeley Gazette has an article about the increased push to legalize pedophilia.  To build support for their cause, pedophiles have started arguing that their desires are no different than homosexual or heterosexual desires. Read More »

A Response to "Atheists and religious alike seek to identify foundation of morality"

Yellow Shield IconAtheist Michael Nugent has written a short article for the Irish Times titled “Atheists and religious alike seek to identify foundation of morality.”  In this work, he attempts to show that morality is determined by personal and/or group choice instead of by God. Read More »

First planet discovered orbiting binary star system

Galaxy IconScientists have recently discovered the first planet orbiting a binary star after analyzing data collected from the Kepler Mission.  It was previously thought only single stars would have planets due to the gravitational changes imposed by binary stars (extreme gravitational change would likely cause unstable orbits for any planets able to form).  The discovery is significant since most Sun-like stars are members of binary systems and it suggests we will be finding more Earth-like planets than previously thought. Read More »

More reasons the Milky Way galaxy is just right

Galaxy IconDr. Hugh Ross has released another informative article examining some of the properties the Milky Way galaxy possesses which make it suitable for life.  People who believe life is common throughout the Universe often point to the vast number of galaxies to support their position.  But the devil is in the details. Read More »

Israeli scientist wins nobel prize in chemisty and proves science makes mistakes

Atom IconAn Israeli Scientist has won the Nobel Prize for chemistry.  Dan Shechtman was awarded the prize for his work on quasicrystals - a form of crystal where the atoms are ordered, but not repeating.  The story proves that long held scientific beliefs can be overturned in an instant. Read More »

Work continues on "illegal" Mount of Olives Mosque

Newspaper IconThe Israel National News is reporting that work is continuing on a Mosque located on the Mount of Olives despite an official ruling that work must stop.  The new extension will be located just feet away from the graves of deceased Jews. Read More »

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