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Function found for Junk DNA

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Scientists have discovered function in a gene previously thought to be nonfunctional.  The gene called dihydrofolate reductase-like 1 (DHFRL1) has been known since the 1980’s and was classified as a pseudogene – a type of Junk DNA.  The discovery has delivered another blow to the Theory of Evolution.

Milankovitch Cycle study supports Anthropic Principle

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A research study conducted by Dave Waltham, a British geophysicist, has lent considerable support to people who believe the Earth is rare.  The researchers set out to provide a method for testing the anthropic principle – the idea that the Universe and Earth have been designed for humans.   The study showed that the probability of Earth possessing it’s Milankovitch cycle frequency is less than 0.00001.  

2000 year old caves support historical accounts of Jewish revolts

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Mail Online has an interesting article (complete with several high-res pictures) about a cave system used by Jews in the late first century.  The caves helped Jews fight against the Romans during two revolts; one revolt occurred around the time the temple was destroyed in Jerusalem (approx. 70AD) and a second revolt, known as the  Bar Kokhba revolt, happened several decades later.

Military Religious Freedom Foundation attacks Christianity and United States Air Force

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Fox News is reporting that a watchdog group called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) has successfully pressured the United States Air Force into suspending a course it has taught for 20 years.  “Christian Just War Theory” was used to train missile launch officers in the ethics and morality of war by referencing passages and teaching from the Bible.

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